Three Major Causes of Illness

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The Three Major Causes of Illness

The three major causes of illness are: Stress, Toxicity and Trauma.
Stress is a survival response that occurs when the body becomes overwhelmed because it is being asked to do more than it is physically and/or mentally capable of doing (the stress response helps the body to cope with the extra burden). Nature gave us this response to help us to survive in dangerous or compromising situations; it was never meant to be a state of being. However, many of us are live our lives dependent upon the stress response (nor-adrenaline and adrenaline) to get through the day, relying upon it to make us feel alive and ok. The body can sustain this response for awhile – sometimes even years – but sooner or later it will not be capable of shouldering the burden; and THIS IS WHEN YOU CRASH, and your health falls apart. For many people it happens after an infection (it never really went away; you never felt the same afterwards), a pregnancy (your body was the never the same afterwards), or a severe emotional trauma (divorce, loss of a loved one, etc.).

Toxicity in the body occurs because we are constantly bombarded with chemicals in our daily lives. Almost anything made by man – cars, furniture, phones, beds, cosmetics, clothes, flooring, the processed foods we eat (unfortunately even many of the unprocessed foods we eat) contain man-made chemicals that are poisoning us or creating a burden for our bodies to process. The chemicals require work and energy for us to process them and rid them from our bodies, limiting the amount of energy our bodies have for us to feel good, heal and repair. Fifty years ago we didn’t have nearly as many man-made chemicals as we do now, and the children back then were healthier than they are today. Autism and food allergies were virtually nonexistent. The toxin overload we experience everyday stresses our systems (compromises the amount of energy we can use to make us feel good); and over a period of time – due to the constant burden – we will lose the ability to process these toxins efficiently, becoming toxic. From this toxicity health problems begin to occur that you might never have had before, and you begin to wonder WHY?!

Physical trauma causes damage to bodily functions. The body does its best to recover, but often the healing process doesn’t bring us back to our original state of health. Over a period of time, we gradually lose function due to physical trauma – and might eventually begin to notice that we don’t feel as young or vibrant as we once did. Emotional trauma stresses the nervous system because the emotional memory of a traumatic event is not fully erased by the body. When the memory gets stuck in the body it creates chronic nervous system stress, which eventually creates health issues.

The good news is: if you have read any of this information and thought “yes, that’s me!”, you have landed in the right place because WE CAN HELP YOU!