How the Body Works

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How the Body Works

The body is like a machine, and like every machine it runs on a program. With every stimulus the body receives, it makes a response. For example, if you touch something hot, you pull away your hand. If you eat something that makes you feel bad you typically avoid it in the future. Your brain contains a program (subconscious program) that monitors and runs your body. The program works with “what it has” and runs the body the best it can with “what it has”. From your conscious state (what you are experiencing right now), you have very little awareness of what the program (subconscious program) is doing (digestion, circulation, metabolism, detoxification, immune system function, etc); but if you pay attention to how you are feeling you can be aware of how well that program is running?

How well the program is running is what determines how well you are feeling now and how well you are going to feel in the future. Those of us who listen to our bodies are often the ones who are in good health – and tend to put the right food and nutrition into our bodies so they can be the best they can be. Those who don’t listen can go along living life thinking they are ok by ignoring the signals their bodies are trying to tell them. These people will eventually be surprised at some point in their lives when they become sick with a chronic or sometimes even fatal illness. They will often say, “I was healthy my whole life, and then I just became sick.”

IMG_0343In our experience, most people with a chronic illness had signs of dysfunction but never paid attention to the warning signs their bodies were giving them; or they never realized that their symptoms were important warning signs of dysfunction in the body – OR they assigned no value to their symptoms because many other people have them too. They believed it was ok to have the symptoms they were having, and those symptoms didn’t mean anything because everyone has them; or “they don’t bother me that much”; or “I’ve learned to live with them”.

Any symptom you experience that doesn’t feel right or doesn’t seem right is a signal from the subconscious program that there is something wrong and a conscious level change must be made in order to fix or improve the situation. You have a choice in whether to ignore the signals and suffer greater consequences in the future – or to do something now and reap the benefits now and in the future from the care you have taken of your body.

Your body will reward you if you care for it and treat it like it is a temple, or it will eventually punish you for your lack of care. It is YOUR choice. Most people change the oil and do routine maintenance on their cars because if you don’t maintain it, it will cost you a lot more in repairs in the future. The same applies to your health. Ignoring your symptoms is like ignoring the “check engine” light on your car. If you kept ignoring it, it could eventually become a very costly mistake.