Gate Point Therapy

Gate Point Overview
These are the classic acupuncture points that help secure the treatment into the body through the meridians. Rub (or massage with an electronic massager) each point for a count of 15 seconds. Also stimulate these points throughout the 24 hour period after the treatment to help save the treatment should you come in contact with the allergen. These points can be used any time for general meridian balancing.

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Location Affected Area
Web between thumb and index finger Large Intestine Li-4
Wrist crease – At the wrist joint, on the inner side, in the depression at the side of the pinky finger Heart HE-7
Elbow crease – lateral (outer elbow) portion Large Intestine Li-11
Inner “Ankle bone”; 3 inches above; posterior to Tibia bone (up and back from ankle) Spleen Sp-6
Foot; top, web between Big toe and 2nd toe Liver Lv-3