Barometer of Your Health

Barometer of Your Health

Measure Your Health
In order to stay alive and be healthy your body must successfully and regularly perform the following biological functions:

  • Eat
  • Sleep
  • Go to the bathroom

How regularly and with what ease your body performs those tasks is a good indicator of your overall wellness. In the case of these three measures, two out of three is not good enough. Difficulty in performing at least one of these biological functions for at least two weeks is an indication that something (either psychological or physiological) is not optimal for health in your body.

NAET primarily focuses on how well your body assimilates, processes and eliminates food – which in turn affects your appetite, sleep patterns and digestion/elimination. How well you digest and absorb the nutrients you eat determines how healthy you will feel. When you don’t digest, absorb and utilize nutrients properly, your health is compromised.

With our unique approach to healing, we seek to create biochemical harmony of the body, mind and spirit within itself and with nature and our earthly environment. We do this through the conscious clearing of subconscious energy blockages, which inhibit the peaceful balance between the self and one’s surroundings (as well as within the physical body) – and ultimately lead to misinformation in the central nervous system, causing disharmony and disease. By reprogramming how information is interpreted by the brain and central nervous system through acupressure and clearing the energy blockages, which can be structural or physical, physiological, emotional or spiritual, a person is able to process more effectively the substances and energy patterns that enter the body – allowing for greater health and harmony.