Our Unique Process

Good Health Good Life
At Family Wellness Solutions we have developed a unique process, which incorporates a mixture of different healing modalities. One process or technique can’t address every issue; but by applying various principles taken from a multitude of modalities, we can be much more effective than most practitioners. This is why we have been able to get results even when many others have failed. We care deeply about the health and well-being of the people who seek our help; and we are constantly learning more ways in which we can help even the most seemingly difficult cases.

For those of you looking for balance/harmony of the body, mind and spirit, we specialize in that area. In Chinese medicine the term yin/yang is used to describe forces of nature and their dynamic balance. Within every force/energy there is always a small polar opposite force/energy which helps to maintain balance/harmony. The dynamic within our practice is such that Ed is the scientist with a strong interest in the body and its energy dynamics, while Nicci is strongly rooted in the dynamics of spirit. The combination of our two interests has generated a greater understanding of the dynamics of the mind. Working together we can help our clients in all aspects of their lives, in order to create a more fulfilling lifestyle for them.

We believe that there are no limits to how healthy, happy and satisfying your life can be; and we are here to help you to become the healthiest version of you possible – and to help you to see that you can make your dreams come true and fulfill your true destiny in life!